New health and physical education curriculum to promote healthy lifestyles for children

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Active class
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The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has released the draft Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education for consultation through 12 April 2013.

Taking a strengths-based approach, the draft curriculum proposes that students should learn how to live a healthy, safe, and active life, move with confidence and competence, and enhance their own and others’ wellbeing.

“This is an important milestone in the development of an Australian Curriculum for all Australian young people,” said Mr Robert Randall, CEO of ACARA.

“Living a healthy and active lifestyle is great for individuals and society. The Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education will help young people make the right choices by promoting physical fitness, psychological well-being, healthy relationships, and active lifestyles at every stage of life.”

“This curriculum aims to enable all students, to the best of their ability, to become healthy, safe, and active Australians.”

“ACARA acknowledges that a national curriculum for Health and Physical Education needs to cater to a wide variety of schools. The flexibility built into the draft curriculum means that while every student has the same entitlement to learning in this very important area, schools can adjust their delivery depending on their context, locality and resources,” said Mr Randall.

Source: Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association

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Date Created: January 4, 2013