Finding out why your kid’s tummy bug might be a bit fishy

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What should your baby eat
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A ground breaking study by James Cook University will examine how and why children develop seafood allergies.

Associate Professor Lopata said he would be working on developing new diagnostic tests for fish allergies among Australian children.

“We will analyse the allergic reactions of children to more than 40 Australian fish species,” he said.

“We know that for certain Australian fish, there have never been any allergy tests for species such as barramundi, for example.”

Other reef fish such as red snapper would also be tested for the first time, he said.

It is research that in future may benefit children all over the world, Associate Professor Lopata said.

The research is being conducted in conjunction with Sydney’s Westmead Children’s Hospital and Melbourne’s Murdoch Children’s Hospital.

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Along with Associate Professor Lopata, Professors Jon Golledge, Alex Loukas, and Dr India Bohamnna and Dr Phurpa Wangchuk will receive funding for their research projects.

(Source: James Cook University)

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Date Created: October 31, 2014 Date Modified: November 1, 2014