Are you planning pregnancy or less than 12 weeks pregnant?

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Researchers at Austin Hospital, Melbourne, need volunteers for a research study looking at the effects of pregnancy and diabetes on the kidneys.

What is the study about?

The purpose of this project is to examine the kidney function during pregnancy. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease in the world. The initial changes in kidney disease in people with diabetes are similar to the kidney changes in healthy pregnancies. In healthy pregnancies, these changes return to normal after delivery. This study will examine the difference in kidney function between healthy pregnancies and pregnancies affected by diabetes. This may lead to our understanding of diabetic kidney disease and help devise intervention and prevention strategies

Who may take part?

  1. Women < 40 years old
  2. Planning pregnancy OR within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
  3. In good health OR have type 1 or type 2 diabetes

What does it involve?

It involves blood tests and kidney ultrasounds from your pre-pregnancy stage or first 12 weeks of pregnancy, up to 3 months post delivery.

It includes 4 to 5 visits in total. We will arrange the timing of the tests to match your routine antenatal care to avoid additional visits.

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This study is conducted at the Mercy Hospital for women in Victoria.

Who to contact?

Researcher: Dr. Jas-mine Seah

94962288 or

Endocrine Center of Excellence, Austin Hospital 94965489

(Source: Austin Hospital – Melbourne)

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Date Created: February 27, 2014 Date Modified: March 3, 2014