Keep cool this summer by drinking water

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Girl drinking water at dinner.
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Australians should remember to make sure they drink enough water during summer. “Wherever you’re going, it’s important to take plenty of water for everyone to drink.”

Dr Kelly said keeping cool and hydrated is the key to staying safe and healthy. “Water is inexpensive, safe to drink and ideal for quenching your thirst and keeping hydrated during hot summer days.

“It is also important to remember that kids should drink plenty of water too. Drinking large amounts of sweet drinks – such as juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, cordials, flavoured mineral water and sports drinks – may result in excess weight gain and obesity, and tooth decay among children,” Dr Kelly advised.

You can help reverse the current trend of paying too much for bottled drinking water – not only in financial terms – but also on the impact bottled water has on our environment. Using your own refillable bottle means that drinking tap water doesn’t require any packaging or shipping which can contribute to better sustainability and a healthier environment.

“Other ways of staying safe and healthy on hot days include limiting coffee and drinks containing caffeine or alcohol as these have a dehydrating effect, covering up to protect yourself from the sun – wear wide brimmed hats, loose long sleeve shirts and loose fitting trousers; wear lots of sunscreen and remember to take some along with you to reapply regularly.

“Most importantly, don’t forget your elderly and frail relatives and neighbours, and pay special attention to the health needs of babies and young children who can be adversely affected by the heat,” Dr Kelly concluded.

Source: ACT Government

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Date Created: January 10, 2013