Perth Airport Viewing Platform

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From Perth Airport’s viewing platform, you can watch the arrivals and departures from runway 03/21 which is the most frequently used runway especially for larger aircrafts. Pets are not permitted.

Activities include:

  • Viewing plane traffic. Check the flight times to ensure you pick a busy period.
  • Photography best in afternoon or late morning (early morning faces the sun).
  • There are seats and some limited shade provided by the shelter (which is in the shape of the body section of a Boeing 747).
  • Sign comparing shapes and sizes of various planes so children can identify what type of planes they are spotting.
  • There are plaques along the pathway with aviation and airport history.
  • The path to the lookout is 120 feet long, the same length as the first airborne flight by the Wright brothers on 17 December 1903.
  • Take care, there are snake warnings. The area has been well cleared to reduce risks, but the paths are well fenced to prevent kids wondering into bush areas.
  • There is a long pathway from the car park to the lookout, but there is no fence to stop children running directly into the car park.


All ages


Up to an hour depending on the age of your children and if they will read the history, take photos, do sketches, have a picnic while watching the planes.


The pathway to the platform is a gentle slope and go wheelchair and pram accessible. Disabled parking provided. However, this is a long walk up if you are pregnant, have elderly people or physically impaired people with you.


  • There is ample parking for cars and a bus parking bay.
  • No toilets or food/drink available. Take your own food, rubbish bins provided.



Opening hours

Every day of the year

April-September 7:30am-5:30pm

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October-March 6:30am-7pm

Depending on weather conditions, that platform may not be used.


Contact details

Dunreath Drive (the road which links the domestic and international terminals)

Perth airport.

Google Map

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Date Created: January 7, 2014 Date Modified: September 8, 2014