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Little boy watching TV.

TV habits predict kids’ waist size and sporting ability

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Each hour of TV watched by a two- to four-year- old contributes to his or her waist circumference by the end of grade 4 and his or her ability to perform in sports, according...
Woman blowing nose.

Public urged to take precautions as flu season begins early

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NSW Health is warning that the influenza season has started early and is well underway in many areas, particularly in Sydney. So now is the time to get vaccinated and to be doubly careful...
Couple with coffee mugs sitting on a couch.

Got kids? Then you’re less likely to catch a cold

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Being a parent reduces your risk of catching a cold- possibly because of unknown “psychological or behavioral differences between parents and nonparents,” according to a study in the July issue of Psychosomatic Medicine, the...
Upset man leaning against a wall with his hands over his eyes and face.

Fathers sexually abused as children suffer in silence

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Many men who have been abused as children experience unique difficulties parenting their own children, according to an analysis of Australian and international research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS). AIFS’ researcher, Rhys...
Students in a classroom.

Education not prevention key in drug fight

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A new research program led by Edith Cowan University (ECU) is teaching young people the skills they need to make safer decisions about alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs before they reach 18. It aims to...
Mother with baby on laptop.

Blogging relieves stress on new mothers

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New mothers who read and write blogs may feel less alone than mothers who do not participate in a blogging community, according to family studies researchers. "It looks like blogging might be helping these women...
A boy in a homemade superhero costume,

What would Batman eat? Priming children to make healthier fast food choices

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Cornell study shows that children can be primed to order healthier fast food items merely by thinking about what their favorite superhero would eat. Would you like a fun way to convince children to eat...
Three generations of women together.

Key role grandmothers play in mother and child nutrition and health

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Grandmothers and other senior female family members should play a key role in nutrition and health programmes for children and women in non-Western societies. However, they are often overlooked by health organisations that don’t...
Top tier of a wedding cake with wedding cake toppers.

Does marriage really make people happier?

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A new study, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family reveals that married couples experience few advantages for psychological well-being, health, or social ties compared to unmarried couples who live together. While both...
Two happy women with teens.

Quality of parenting – not sexuality of parents – key to children’s wellbeing

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Research conducted over many years has confirmed that the children of same-sex couples have similar levels of wellbeing to those raised by heterosexual parents, according to the Australian Psychological Society. Heather Gridley, Manager, Public Interest,...
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