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A group of teens sit in class, attentively doing their work.

Moving from primary school into high school: The responsibilities and challenges

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Of course parents want their kids to do well in reading, writing and arithmetic, but how will they score when it comes to handling more responsibility? A Baylor College of Medicine child and adolescent...
A large piece of medical equipment.

Radiation and children

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The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) considers CT (computed tomography) imaging to be an integral part of current medical practice. Medical imaging is a crucial tool that has led to significant improvements in...
A girls lays on the floor watching TV with her cat.

Tuned in or dropped out? Young children and TV

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A study of young children's TV use by the Australian Institute of Family Studies and the University of New England has found that disadvantaged children are watching more television than children in families from...
A baby wearing pink cries.

Surprising whooping cough finding

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Queensland research shows that a resurgence of whooping cough in babies has arisen due to the lack of effectiveness of the current vaccine. The joint study found that children vaccinated against whooping cough with the...
Sad boy, curled up on floor in front of wall.

Psychological abuse puts children at risk

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Child abuse experts say psychological abuse can be as damaging to a young child’s physical, mental and emotional health as a slap, punch or kick. While difficult to pinpoint, it may be the most challenging...
Little boy cowers away from camera.

Childhood defiance correlated with drug dependence whereas inattention suggests susceptibility to smoking

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Children who exhibit oppositional behaviour run the risk of becoming addicted to nicotine, cannabis and cocaine whilst inattention symptoms represent a specific additional risk of nicotine addiction. Nevertheless, hyperactivity in itself does not seem...
A piece of paper with "language" typed at the top. The rest of the text is out of focus.

Speaking multiple languages can influence children’s emotional development

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On the classic TV show I Love Lucy, Ricky Ricardo was known for switching over to rapid-fire Spanish whenever he was upset, despite the fact Lucy had no idea what her Cuban husband was...
Child on stands on scale.

Childhood obesity may affect puberty, create problems with reproduction

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A dramatic increase in childhood obesity in recent decades may have impacts that go beyond the usual health concerns– it could be disrupting the timing of puberty and ultimately lead to a diminished ability...
Child with ice cream all over face.

Two out of three very obese kids already have heart disease risk factors

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Two out of three severely obese kids already have at least one risk factor for heart disease, suggests research published online in Archives of Disease in Childhood. The prevalence and severity of childhood obesity has...
Grandparents talking with grandson.

How brain mechanisms for memory retrieval differ between children and adults

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Neuroscientists from Wayne State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are taking a deeper look into how the brain mechanisms for memory retrieval differ between adults and children. While the memory systems...
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