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Woman in bathrobe holds a pregnancy test.

Timing crucial in achieving pregnancy

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A survey of women seeking fertility assistance to become pregnant found most did not know which days of the menstrual cycle they were fertile and most likely to conceive. In the first study of its...
Man measuring stomach.

Thinking about kids? Men need to shed the kilos

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Melbourne scientists studying the impact obesity has on pregnancy, are urging men to get ‘match fit’ before conceiving to assist with fetal development. Reproductive experts from the University of Melbourne’s Department of Zoology have discovered...
A cluster of walnuts, two cracked open, one whole.

A pack of walnuts a day keeps the fertility specialist away?

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UCLA researchers show that eating 2.5 ounces of walnuts per day improves semen quality in healthy young men. A paper published in Biology of Reproduction’s Papers-in-Press reveals that eating 75 grams of walnuts a day...
Woman drinking coffee from a green mug.

Five or more cups of coffee a day reduce the chance of IVF success...

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Women who drink five or more cups of coffee a day severely reduce their chance of success from IVF treatment. Indeed, Danish investigators who followed up almost 4000 IVF and ICSI patients described the...
Pregnant woman holds a glass of wine near her belly.

Alcohol a no go for mums to be

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No alcohol is the message of a new state campaign aimed at highlighting the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The No Alcohol is the Safest Choice campaign is based on research carried out at...
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