6 weeks pregnant: Key points

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Pregnancy week 6 is a time of rapid embryo development and change for pregnant mums.

Changes for mum

  • You have probably noticed your period is missing by this week.
  • Pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) production by the placenta has started and a pregnancy test can detect hCG in your blood.
  • You are like to experience pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue and tender breasts this week.
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Changes for baby

  • Baby’s shape changes from a flat disc to a curved foetus-like shape with a distinct head and tail this week.
  • Baby’s internal organs start developing.
  • The foregut which will grow into organs of the digestive and respiratory systems is visible this week.
  • The midgut which eventually forms baby’s small intestine starts to grow.
  • The hindgut moves into the embryo body. It will form baby’s bowel, anus and bladder.
  • Baby’s heart forms and starts beating.
  • The structure which will become baby’s brain begins to develop and other structures of the nervous system continue developing.
  • Baby’s ears and eyes begin to develop.
  • Buds which will eventually form baby’s arms and legs appear.
  • Structures which support and protect your baby during pregnancy form, including the umbilical cord which will transfer nutrients and wastes between your body and your baby’s and the amniotic sac which contains the fluid in which your baby floats and is protected throughout the pregnancy.
121353402 Happy couple For more details about the changes for you baby this week see 6 weeks pregnant: Changes for baby

Pregnancy health

  • A hCG pregnancy test can be used to confirm your pregnancy this week.
  • A pregnancy ultrasound can be used to confirm your pregnancy and estimate your pregnancy due date this week.
  • It is important to visit a doctor for antenatal care including screening tests and nutritional supplements if you have not already.
  • You should also talk to the doctor about healthy diet and exercise during pregnancy if you have not already.
  • As baby’s organs begin to develop this week it is important to avoid harmful substance like tobacco, alcohol and caffeine which may interrupt organ development.
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Date Created: January 17, 2013 Date Modified: April 26, 2013