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Things that may have turned you bright red prior to pregnancy you now barely blink at. It starts with those 'examinations' by about 20 different health professionals during childbirth, to a heap of nurses watching you breastfeed and examining your nipples, to examining and worrying about the colour of your new baby’s poos, to your toddler taking a great interest in your toileting while you are toilet training them. But there are still a lot of embarrassing things we may not feel comfortable asking about – here are our most popular.

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News this month

Babies know when a cuddle is coming
Babies as young as two months know when they are about to be picked up and change their body posture in preparation, according to new research...»
How to boost toddlers' vocabularies
The clues that parents give toddlers about words can make a big difference in how deep their vocabularies are when they enter school, new research shows...»
How sleep deprivation makes us worry
Researchers have found that a lack of sleep, which is common in anxiety disorders, may play a key role in ramping up the brain regions that contribute to excessive worrying. ...»
Stressed dads can affect their kids' brain development
Sperm doesn't appear to forget anything. Stress felt by dad - whether as a preadolescent or adult - leaves a lasting impression on his sperm that gives sons and daughters...»
Video gamers really do see more
Hours spent at the video gaming console not only train a player’s hands to work the buttons on the controller, they probably also train the brain to make better and faster use of...»
Obesity can be predicted from infancy
Infants as young as two months old already exhibit growth patterns that can predict the child’s weight by age 5, according to researchers at...»

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